Singapore-based crypto trading platform Zipmex has actually stopped a few of its core activities in reaction to its partner Celsius Network and Babel Finance’s monetary concerns, which it has actually exposed. Reportedly, the trading platform is seeking bankruptcy protection from the regional court. 

With the current turn of events, Zipmex revealed it has actually sent an application for a moratorium in Singapore that will safeguard it from its creditors in the nation as long as it checks out different services to its concerns. Local media reported, 5 applications has actually been sent on last Friday (July 22) on behalf of the company’s various entities seeking moratoriums on legal procedures for approximately 6 months.

“We submitted moratorium applications in Singapore for all Zipmex entities,” Zipmex stated in the statement, “This helps protect Zipmex against third party actions, claims, and proceedings while it is active, and enables the team to focus all our efforts on resolving the liquidity situation, without having to worry about defending potential claims or adverse actions while we are doing so. It is important to note that a moratorium is not a liquidation of any company, and there is no significant status change from our last update.”

According to regional law, such a filing immediately grants break for either thirty days or up until a Singapore court decides on the application, whichever is previously.

As early as June this year, American digital currency trading platform Coinbase Global Inc was preparing to invest in Zipmex after an effective acquisition offer. 

Blockchain.News reported previously that Zipmex remains in talks with “Interested Parties” with whom it was talking about possible bailout choices. While this alternative is open to the company, it is likewise positive that it can restore some funds from the $48 million Babel Finance is owing in its bankruptcy procedures.

The Zipmex circumstance can best be referred to as an unexpected one due to the fact that of the unsecured direct exposure it has. The company has stated it would incline crossing out the $5 million claims it has versus Celsius Network versus its own balance sheet, as it has actually predicted that the procedure to declare the funds might be long and practically difficult.

Amid the submitted moratorium and its continuous concerns, Zipmex stated it will “continue to operate the Trade Wallet, NFT platform, and other products as normal, and there is no planned interruption to” these services.

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