In the past, meme coin rates have actually supplied incredible returns throughout 2020 and 2021. However, after the cryptocurrency price crashes in 2022, users are searching for which meme coin to purchase next.

This guide takes a look at Tamadoge – among the very best approaching cryptos and the very best brand-new crypto to purchase in 2022. We will likewise talk about the meme coin price predictions and how to buy Tamadoge in 2022.

5 Key Reasons why Tamadoge is set to Overtake Floki Inu, Dogelon Mars and SafeMoon Inu in 2022

Which meme coin will take off next? While tokens like Floki Inu and SafeMoon Inu have actually carried out well in the past, we suggest Tamadoge as one of the popular meme coins that will take off. Let’s have a look at why this token can be a great financial investment:

1.    Deflationary Asset

One of the very best functions of Tamadoge is that it intends to be a deflationary property. Firstly, TAMA is the native cryptocurrency & energy token of the Tamaverse – a play-to-make (P2E) virtual community that lets users get involved to make in-video game benefits.


The TAMA token is a deflationary property, with an optimum token supply of 2 billion coins. On the other hand, Safemoon Inu has an optimum supply of 1 trillion tokens. The Tamadoge group likewise mentions that 5% of all tokens utilized to purchase in-video game properties will be scorched. This has actually been done to increase the token’s need versus the supply.

2.    P2E Platform and NFT Use-Case

TAMA has the prospective to offer big returns over other meme coins and turn into one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies. While most meme tokens offer no usage-cases to financiers and individuals, Tamadoge will enable users to take part in a play-to-make platform to make more cryptocurrency benefits.

Furthermore, Tamadoge looks to dive deep in the web 3.0 sector by using smart contract innovation to offer NFT usage-cases to financiers. Players can purchase, produce and type Tamadoge animals – virtual characters minted as NFT, utilizing smart contract performance.

These tokens can be acquired with only TAMA on the Tama shop. Therefore, the success of the P2E platform might lead to a prospective price boost for TAMA tokens.

3.    Multi-Utility Token

When attempting to examine which meme coins will take off, it is very important to take a look at the token’s energy and contribution to its community on the blockchain. While social networks & marketing is very important, many meme coins stop working to take full advantage of long-term development due to an absence of energy.

The TAMA tokens are at the centre of the Tamaverse. Users can get involved and purchase the in-video game NFTs entirely with TAMA tokens. Furthermore, leading entertainers are rewarded with TAMA, which has actually been dispersed from P2E reward swimming pools. Therefore, TAMA supplies real worth to users of the Tamaverse.

4.    Higher Growth Potential

The popular meme coins have actually remedied from enormous highs after offering users with substantial returns. For example, Safemoon Inu reached an all-time high (ATH) of $0.0002 in 2021 and is presently 98% listed below its high.

On the other hand, TAMA is presently in its beta presale duration and might be offered at a really low-cost price point. Many cryptocurrencies list for greater rates than their presale durations, offering users with an immediate roi.

TAMA is set to be noted on LBank – a popular central exchange (CEX), and UniSwap – the popular decentralized exchange (DEX). Getting noted on mainstream exchanges usually leads to greater trading volumes due to the tokens being offered to a mainstream audience. Therefore, users can purchase Tamadoge on beta presale now.

5.    Future Roadmap Plans

According to Tamadoge’s whitepaper, the platform is anticipated to release an enhanced-truth (AR) app by Q4 2023. This app will keep the very same P2E functions of the web-based platform while offering users with a brand-new technique to get involved on the Tamaverse.

Tamadoge likewise strategies to release the Tamadoge Onramper in the coming years, which will be the platform’s entrance to helping with fiat currency deals when purchasing Tamadoge. Finally, the platform has actually currently prepared upcoming token releases in numerous DEXs and CEXs, which can assist in the development of the token.

Are Meme Tokens Still Dominating the Crypto Market?

After the appeal of meme coins in 2020 and 2021, this crypto sector has actually passed away out in the previous year. For example, Dogelon Mars has actually dropped more than 98% from its ATH embeded in July 2021, while popular cryptos like Dogecoin are 90% listed below their ATH.

Will meme coins last? While price volatility is not extraordinary in the crypto markets, users need to search for the very best approaching cryptos that offer usage cases.

A Closer Look at Tamadoge

The Tamadoge platform lets users participate in a play-to-make (P2E) metaverse, with the chance to make benefits through cryptocurrency. The native token, TAMA, is presently going through its beta presale stage, where users can buy 1 TAMA for $0.01.

An excellent option for expense-reliable purchasers, users just require to make a minimum financial investment of 1,000 TAMA ($10). With an overall supply of 2 billion tokens, users can now purchase 50% of the token supply. The group designers have actually booked 20% of the supply for future DEX and CEX listings, possibly making the tokens more offered to a mainstream market.

The staying 30% of coins will be launched over the next ten years through minting operations. The Tamadoge family pet NFTs will be at the centre of the P2E platform – given that users will fight another gamer with their own NFT avatars to get points on a regular monthly leaderboard.

Players that make the most points are rewarded with TAMA from the ‘dogepool’. Tamadoge’s group has actually been KYC-validated on CoinSniper, and the smart contract code has actually been completely investigated by – assisting increase the job’s reliability.

Users thinking about finding out more about the job can subscribe to the authorities Telegram group and remain upgraded. Remember admins will never ever DM you initially – beware of rip-off efforts where impersonators copy the profile photo and user name of crypto job admins or mediators.

Min Investment 1,000 TAMA (∼$10 + gas cost)
Max Investment N/A
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Debit / Credit Card (through Transak)
Chain Ethereum
Beta Sale Ends second September 2022
Presale Ends Q4 2022

How to Buy Tamadoge (TAMA)

Users can now choose whether to buy the TAMA cryptocurrency. The areas listed below offer an action-by-action analysis of how to buy Tamadoge in 2022.

Step 1: Set up a Crypto Wallet

When searching for where to buy Tamadoge, users will require to download a crypto wallet.

MetaMask is among the very best crypto wallets, which will enable users to purchase TAMA throughout the continuous beta presale.

Users can head over to MetaMask and click ‘Download’.

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

Users need to purchase Tamadoge with ETH or USDT. Investors can head over to a cryptocurrency exchange of their option, purchase Ethereum or USDT and transfer the tokens back to their Metamask wallets.

Step 3: Link MetaMask to Tamadoge Presale Platform

The next action is to go on the Tamadoge site and click ‘buy’. Users can then click ‘Connect Wallet’ and pick their wallet service provider to get in touch with the presale platform.

Follow the guidelines to formally connect the wallet.

Step 4: Buy TAMA Tokens

The last action is to purchase TAMA. Simply get in the quantity of TAMA you would like to purchase and choose ‘Convert ETH’ or ‘Convert USDT’. Users requirement to purchase a minimum of 1,000 TAMA.

Finally, users can declare their TAMA tokens once the presale ends. Once the presale duration is over, click ‘claim’ on the Tamadoge site’s homepage.

It’s likewise possible to utilize a credit/debit card to purchase TAMA through the popular fiat on-ramp Transak incorporated with the site.

Buy Tamadoge on Beta Presale


This guide has actually examined among the very best play-to-make crypto video games – Tamadoge. While the meme coins market has actually been bearish in 2022, Tamadoge (TAMA) supplies users with a multi-energy token that can be acquired to buy NFTs, make in-video game benefits and take part in metaverse-based environments.


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