A curated NFT market is one where the access to sell a product is limited. Only developers that are allowlisted (welcomed by an existing member or accepted by the platform manager) can deal their products there.

While this assists develop a strong community around the artists on the platform, it likewise can lower its outreach to the total market. In this short article, we will cover the functions of Foundation and SuperRare and compare them with OpenSea, the leader amongst NFT markets.

Daily Distinct Buyers - NFT Curated Marketplaces & OpenSea, Last 30 Days
Daily Distinct Buyers – NFT Curated Marketplaces & OpenSea, Last 30 Days


Foundation is an NFT developers’ invite-only market. Launched in February 2021, Foundation is among the biggest NFT markets on the web. The platform is well-known for having noteworthy NFT auctions, such as Edward Snowden’s very first NFT and the Nyan Cat animation.

Foundation Home Page
Foundation Home Page

NFT developers should get a welcome code to be able to mint NFTs on the platform. The welcomes can just be sent out by members who have actually currently cost least 1 NFT on the platform.

When an art work is offered on the main market, developers get 85% of the last list price. If an NFT is noted and gathered once again on the secondary market, a 10% royalty is immediately sent out to the developer who initially minted the art work.

Foundation has 4 selling choices:

  • Buy Now: This alternative is a direct buy, accepting the market price of the NFT you like.
  • Offers: This allows the purchaser to send out a deal direct to the developer.
  • Reserve Auctions: A minimum rate is set, and when this condition is fulfilled, a 24-hour auction begins.
  • Private Sales: A direct deal in between 2 users.

Foundation gathers a 5% market cost on all deals, implying that developers get 95% of the overall prices when collectors purchase their NFT(s). If it is a secondary market sale, the seller will get 85% of the overall sales, as 5% goes to Foundation, and 10% royalty goes to the developer.


SuperRare is an NFT market to gather and trade distinct, single-edition digital art work. The artist requires to be allowlisted to be able to sell a collection on the platform.

SuperRare Home Page
SuperRare Home Page

On main sales (the very first time an art work is offered, likewise referred to as a mint sale):

  • The artist gets 85% of the sale quantity
  • The SuperRare DAO Community Treasury gets 15% of the sale quantity. 

On secondary sales (which is any sale following the main sale):

  • The seller gets 90% of the sale quantity
  • The initial artist gets 10% of the sale quantity as a royalty

On all sales, a 3% market cost is contributed to the list price spent for by the purchaser—this goes to the SuperRare DAO Community Treasury.

The SuperRare DAO Community Treasury is accountable for developing artist and designer grant programs and ad-hoc expense of treasury properties as considered needed to assistance the continued development and success of the SuperRare Network.

SuperRare Token ($RARE)

SuperRare presented a token ($RARE) to pass the curation on the platform to the community (to SuperRare DAO). Part of the supply was airdropped to previous users who, together with the core group, are now part of the DAO that carries out the actions on the platform.

$RARE token holders jointly govern the SuperRare DAO – a decentralized company that will supervise essential platform specifications, designate funds from the Community Treasury, and effectuate propositions gone through community governance connecting to enhancements to the network and procedure.

Besides curation and collaborations, another SuperRare DAO effort is a Magazine where it shares more details about collections and artists and supplies news about the NFT sector.

SuperRare Magazine
SuperRare Magazine


This area will provide metrics of the curated NFT markets and compare them versus a standard—OpenSea.

 As they provide special collections, the curated NFT markets can charge a greater cost than open Marketplaces. SuperRare likewise supplies a token utilized to handle the platform (curation, costs, treasury), providing the community an additional reward to get involved.

The alternative to just deal with special collections makes the day-to-day trading volume of the curated NFT markets lower than the criteria.

Trading Volume, Foundation & SuperRare & OpenSea
Trading Volume, Foundation & SuperRare & OpenSea

This distinction in the day-to-day volumes is described by the variety of users, as OpenSea has no constraints on collections being traded there.

Curated Marketplaces & Opensea
Curated Marketplaces & Opensea

However, as the collections are curated, the typical list price is greater on the picked markets (Foundation and SuperRare) than on the criteria.

FT Transaction, Daily Average Value, Last 30 Days - NFTs Curated Marketplaces & OpenSea
FEET Transaction, Daily Average Value, Last 30 Days – NFTs Curated Marketplaces & OpenSea

The typical list price is over $2,000 on SuperRare, $400 on Foundation, and around $200 on OpenSea.

October 2022, Thiago Freitas

Data Source: Footprint Analytics – Curated NFT MarketPlaces Overview

Main Takeaways

Curated NFT markets developed themselves in a specific niche where their community drives the adoption of the collections. Because of their worth proposal, they can close collaborations with other business, increasing the collections’ individuality. In addition, SuperRare provides an additional reward with their token ($RARE) utilized for governance (treasury management and curation at the platform).

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