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r/ethereum is a community for talking about the innovation, news, applications and community of Ethereum. Discussion of the Ether cost or trading is not enabled. Please keep those conversations to /r/ethfinance and /r/ethstaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where’s the very best location to purchase ETH?

There are numerous central exchanges that support Ethereum. If you reside in the United States, the most popular exchanges are Coinbase, Gemeni and Kraken. Coinbase users can utilize Coinbase Pro for lower charges.

When is Eth2 introducing?

Eth2 is a marketing term utilized to represent a variety of updates to Ethereum. The Eth2 proof-of-stake chain very first released in December 2020. “The Merge”, which is the occasion that will completely change Ethereum’s agreement to proof-of-stake, is approximated to be prepared in early 2022, although there is no specific timeline. Other updates, such as information fragments, will follow that upgrade.

Visit ethmerge.com for more information about “The Merge”.

Do I require to do anything to upgrade to Eth2? Will Eth2 develop a brand-new token?

No, ETH holders never ever require to take any action to keep holding ETH. Ethereum users will be untouched by the Eth2 upgrade. And the Eth2 updates will not develop any brand-new tokens.

How can I stake my ETH?

The finest method to stake your ETH: by running your own validator.

Why are Ethereum deal charges so high?

Like most blockchains, Ethereum charges are figured out by supply-and-demand. The big need to utilize Ethereum has actually pressed deal charges rather high (nevertheless, charges were simply a couple of cents just 2 years ago). Fees are specifically high throughout market volatility, and throughout NFT drops.

What is being done to lower Ethereum deal charges?

Ethereum charges are lowered by utilizing layer-2 rollups. Rollups are scaling services that permit substantially more affordable deals, while still preserving Ethereum’s security.

Additionally, Eth2’s information fragments will make rollups even more affordable.

While rollups are advanced innovation being actively established, a number are currently reside on Ethereum mainnet. Visit l2beat.com for more information about rollups.

What’s the very best wallet for Ethereum?

The most popular tool for utilizing decentralized applications is Metamask. However, for security factors, we suggest utilizing a hardware wallet such as a Trezor or Ledger.

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