A fake website of the popular Ethereum Denver conference is the most recent phishing target of a red-flagged smart contract that has actually taken over $300,000 worth of Ether (ETH).

The popular conference saw its website duplicated by hackers today in order to technique users into linking their MetaMask wallets. According to Blockfence, which determined the deceptive website, the smart contract has actually accessed more than 2,800 wallets and taken over $300,000 over the previous 6 months.

ETHDenver likewise provided a notification to its fans on Twitter caution of the harmful website.

Blockfence CEO Omri Lahav informed Cointelegraph that users were triggered to link their MetaMask wallets by means of the normal “connect wallet” button. The website triggers a deal that, if authorized, performs the harmful function and takes the users’ funds.

Blockfence’s research study group determined the event while tracking various patterns in the market. Lahav stated that the smart contract carrying out the rip-off had actually taken over 177 ETH given that its implementation midway through 2022:

“Since the smart contract was deployed almost six months ago, it’s possible that it was used on other phishing websites.”

Hackers had actually reached spending for a Google ad to promote the harmful website’s URL, banking on search patterns being high, with ETHDenver occurring on Feb. 24 and 25. The fake website appeared 2nd on a Google search, above the real ETHDenver website.

As Cointelegraph formerly reported, hacks and scams continue to be commonplace in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 2022 saw over $2.8 billion of cryptocurrency stolen through a variety of hacks and exploits.

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