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Cardano has actually shown to be among the most active and busiest digital properties in the crypto world in the previous year. Therefore, lots of specialists anticipate that Cardano will have a terrific future in 2022, and it has actually likewise been specified that ADA is one financial investment alternative worth analyzing and tasks based upon it.

The Cardano blockchain is utilized to develop smart agreements and produce decentralized applications and procedures. Additionally, the capability to send out and get funds immediately for very little charges has lots of applications in service and finance evaluating making a relocation.

Cardalonia, a metaverse project developed on Cardano, has actually exposed strategies to start after the following staking picture, with $LONIA token holders being the initially to be able to participate the land minting after the token presale has actually ended.

Cardano and Cardalonia

Cardalonia is among the initially metaverse tasks on Cardano to develop a non-custodial staking vault where you can stake and make benefits without your tokens ever leaving your wallet.

With simply 3 actions: produce, explore, and trade, you can begin your Cardalonia journey.

Using $LONIA tokens, users can produce customized avatars, purchase lands, explore and customize their Cardalonia experience, collect resources, and get rewarded in Cardalonia property NFTs. Moreover, they can offer their in-game benefit NFTs on the Cardalonia market and get granted in ADA; these are simply a couple of advantages.

Getting in the $LONIA token presale

The Cardano metaverse token, $LONIA, is now readily available for financiers who wish to obtain it at a discount rate prior to the main listing on crypto exchanges. The pre-sale begun on July 5, 2022, and will end in 45 days or after overall purchases struck the tough cap.

$LONIA staking design operate in a method like Cardano staking however with a greater APY (Annual Percentage Yield). So, $LONIA token holders will have the ability to use their token in several methods, like staking to make benefits of over 20% APY without their tokens ever leaving their wallet.

Also, $LONIA holders will have the chance to be the initially to participate the Cardalonia land NFT sale by having an active stake of 7000 $LONIA tokens.

More about the project

Cardalonia specifies itself as a creator-centric metaverse and play-to-earn platform that uses total interaction with NFTs and CNTs powered by the $LONIA energy token.

The Cardalonia Metaverse project has actually teamed up with several tactical partners like Readyplayerme. The scope was to allow $LONIA token holders with an active $LONIA token stake on the Cardalonia Vault and an Adahandle address to produce and tailor their avatars in preparedness for release when the Metaverse video game appears.

Cardalonia likewise revealed another sale, the Terrania Land NFT sale, which will start in September following the following staking picture, with $LONIA token holders being the initially to be enabled to take part in the land minting after the token presale has actually concluded.

Stay upgraded

Keep up with Cardalonia by their socials; you can discover them on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Also, track the authorities Cardalonia site to gain access to the updates rapidly.

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