In the future, thanks to an advanced set of innovations — constructed on the concepts of reasonable gain access to and decentralization — mankind will experience higher flexibility and security than at any point in history. Each person will take pleasure in self-sovereignty, and cooperation and imagination will be at an all-time high.

In thirty years, there will be less central gatekeepers to choose who can take part in society. There will be less king makers to identify who wins and who loses.

In this age — the Golden Age of flexibility and self-expression — education and chance will be available to everybody, development will grow, personal privacy will be typical and anticipated, and individuals (and federal governments) of the world will concur that a lively society depends upon appreciating and promoting human self-respect, security, and approval.

This is ECC’s vision for the future; and for our part, we will empower financial flexibility for billions with a reasonable, open currency, available to everyone on the Internet.

Zcash today

Today is Zcash’s birthday. Launched on Oct. 28, 2016, Zcash was the very first task of any kind to effectively utilize zero-knowledge evidence. Earlier this year, Electric Coin Co. (ECC) executed Halo — a brand-new and enhanced zero-knowledge showing system — to eliminate dependence on complicated setup events. 

The effectiveness constructed into this upgrade enabled — for the very first time ever — personal, trustless digital money payments on smart phones. Halo is now being evaluated in other tasks for its personal privacy and scalability advantages; and in a collaboration with Protocol Labs, Filecoin Foundation, and Ethereum Foundation, ECC is working together with these groups to open recursion in Halo and check out how the innovation may be utilized in the particular environments. (Also, there’s a multi-million-dollar swimming pool for designers and groups who have an interest in including energy for the Filecoin and Zcash chains.)

Next year, in 2023, ECC will launch a fully-supported business mobile wallet in the iOS and Android app shops with the reasoning that Zcash adoption will grow when (1) the user experience is outstanding — simple and quick — and (2) users are offered engaging functions and abilities that support a growing variety of usage cases. This is lined up with our North Star, a dedication to assist develop a first-rate user experience for ZEC, the Zcash token.

In 2023, we’ll likewise make an official suggestion to move Zcash from evidence of work to evidence of stake. This is eventually a Zcash community choice, however our company believe the advantages far exceed the threats, and we are anticipating the conversation. 

There’s a lot more to be thrilled about, such as a posterity fund proposition, continuous third-party deal with Zcash protected possessions, a Rust-language Zcash node being constructed by the Zcash Foundation, continuing decentralization and advancement financing with the current development and momentum of the Zcash Community Grants company, and some excellent Zcash collaboration statements on the horizon. 

We’ve only simply started.

ECC’s 30-year strategy

Empowering billions of individuals all over the world with financial flexibility is a significant job, and it will need lots of mission-aligned individuals and groups to dedicate to it. Starting with a 30-year objective in mind, ECC has actually worked in reverse to develop a course for our contribution towards accomplishing it. There are progressively more techniques and contributions to Zcash from throughout the community, and we eagerly anticipate working together to understand our cumulative vision of the future.  

For apparent factors, the roadmap is more detailed in the future.

2052: Zcash for billions

In the year 2052, everyone on the Internet will have the capability to get and utilize Zcash according to their own choices. Economic flexibility needs personal digital money that is fair, offered, permissionless, personal privacy safeguarding, and durable; and we (not simply ECC, however lots of Zcash community factors) are laser-focused on constructing the outright finest service. We’ve come a long method considering that 2016, however the innovation will need to develop, beginning today, to scale to billions of users.

This, obviously, is not the end objective. It’s a turning point. We visualize Zcash as a vital part to financial flexibility for generations to come. 

2032: Deliver a first-rate UX for ZEC


ECC will have provided a first-rate user experience for ZEC (the Zcash token) — a reasonable and open currency within a structure that secures flexibility, self-respect, approval, and security.

Success requirements for 2032

  • Using ZEC throughout ECC and third-party applications is so simple users don’t need to think of it. It is at least as simple to utilize ZEC as it was to share images and videos in 2022 first-rate apps, such as Tik Tok or WhatsApp.
  • ZEC users: The variety of real human users — individuals who have actually acquired, offered, sent out or gotten ZEC in the previous 24 months  — is 1 billion around the world.
  • Zcash is a top-five cryptocurrency by market cap.
  • Sentiment: Zcash users are most likely to advise Zcash to a buddy or coworker. This is determined in a Net Promoter Score (NPS). For Zcash, the NPS is ≥ 50 every year.
  • Decentralization: Because decentralization is very important to user security, censorship-resistance, and task durability, a minimum of 10 long-lasting, feasible companies are now concentrated on Zcash.

2025: Proof of stake and interoperability

Three years from now, we will have provided an ECC-built and -supported mobile wallet on top of an interoperable Zcash procedure that leverages a proof-of-stake agreement. Features in incremental wallet releases will be based upon Zcash user feedback, market feedback, and marketing research. The wallet will support core PoS and interop utilize cases.


Zcash will have transitioned from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake agreement system. There will be strong assistance for Zcash interoperability and broad access to ZEC throughout DeFi and CeFi. At this point, we anticipate strong need for Zcash/ZEC amongst the “early majority.” 

Success requirements for 2025

  • ZEC users: The variety of users has actually doubled from the previous 16-month duration, and the ECC wallet is seeing 1 million month-to-month active users.
  • Zcash is a top-10 cryptocurrency by market cap.
  • Sentiment: The Zcash Net Promoter Score (NPS) is ≥ 50 every year.
  • Decentralization: At least 5 long-lasting, feasible companies are concentrated on Zcash.

Late 2023: UX structures

By the close of 2023, the ECC mobile wallet will be offered in the iOS and Android app shops  with network-level personal privacy and immediate sync — offering speed, benefit, and higher gain access to. This is crucial for a first-rate UX for ZEC and lays the structure for growing ZEC users. 


Deliver an open-source wallet that is offered on Apple and Android shops and well supported by ECC; enhance the ZEC UX consisting of network personal privacy and immediate sync; enhance the Zcash tech stack (wallet, SDK, lightwalletd, procedure) adequate to double users by the end of 2025.

Success requirements for 2023

  • Users: The variety of users has actually doubled from the previous year.
  • Sentiment: The Zcash Net Promoter Score (NPS) has actually been ≥ 50 for the last 12 months.
  • Decentralization: At least 4 long-lasting, feasible companies are concentrated on Zcash.

The next 4 months: Establish brand-new standard

ECC’s No. 1 concern at the minute is upgrading the Zcash procedure and our wallet SDKs to assist third-party companies repair wallet syncing problems. An increased on-chain deal load has actually led to inappropriate sync times for lots of daily users, and community partners are likewise impacted. We are focused — throughout groups — on relieving these problems as quickly as possible, so Zcash users have an experience they anticipate and are worthy of. Our instant goals are fixated dealing with third-party wallets that are constructed on the ECC SDKs (Edge, Nighthawk, and Unstoppable) to:

  • Ensure users can invest their funds (funds that are currently synced when they open their wallet)
  • Ensure users can get and invest brand-new inbound funds at a rate of a month’s worth of deals in one hour
  • Implement updates which offer users clarity on syncing development
  • Ensure none of those wallets are affected by regular crashes or irregular habits (such as stopping working to show some currently synced deals), nor do they need work-around habits due to the ECC SDK

Other success requirements for this duration

  • ECC groups settle on the meaning or proxy for international ZEC user counts.
  • Research and engineering have actually specified and interacted a modified three-year roadmap inclusive of user development goals, evidence of stake, and interoperability.

Prioritization and accomplishing goals

To provide on all this crucial work, ECC has actually set out a procedure that mandates our management satisfies every 4 months to review technique and roadmap, examining information for the present duration and examining waypoints. Functional owners (for instance Steven Smith in Engineering) will be accountable for practical roadmaps that are lined up with the tactical roadmap and for identifying where they require cross-team assistance. Each success requirements will be owned by a designated practical owner to track and figure out how we (all of ECC) can line up to finest fulfill the goal.

Empowering financial flexibility

“Zcash for billions” is a change-the-world vision. Maybe that’s cliché, however today, a lot of individuals are required to utilize inequitable, improperly handled, and insecure central entities to keep and move cash digitally. Too lots of people are required to live within fiat systems that are handled by federal governments that don’t have their constituents’ benefits at heart. Most cryptocurrencies do not offer appropriate personal privacy and security defenses for a lot of utilize cases, and they expose users to monitoring which can result in exploitation, control, and seizure.

Today, billions of individuals on the planet do not have access to a reasonable and open currency or supporting monetary services. We develop and support Zcash to drive higher financial flexibility and chance for everybody.

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