Access Protocol, the digital material money making platform — embraced by crypto content platforms such as The Block, CoinGecko, CryptoBriefing, and CryptoSlate — is set to go live on Feb. 15.

Access Protocol goes live

Following a community AMA on Twitter, the task will release on the Solana blockchain with listings on MEXC,, Coinbase, and ByBit at 5 PM UTC on Feb. 15 for the native ACS token.

At launch, the ACS will have its inflation set to 2% and “slowly scaled to 5% over the coming months.” In the future, the community will handle the inflation level, according to the launch Medium short article.

“Decision-making will progressively be decentralized with on-chain governance by ACS token holders.”

The platform’s objective is to change the web2 paid membership with an ownership design where consumers get benefits and have a vested monetary interest in the success of the developers they support.

“Creating a multidimensional platform for audience engagement. Layering in value-add strategies like NFT drops, exclusive event access, bonus features and other incentives, further strengthens the relationship between creator and consumer.”

The developer community for Access Protocol is presently permissioned however will develop “from a whitelisted creator onboarding process to a permissionless one” gradually.

The protocol goals to eliminate advertisements as the main earnings stream for digital media outlets — which can lead to “low-quality content” and “misaligned incentives.” Paywalls have actually ended up being progressively typical amongst worldwide news outlets as business moved from print to digital media. For example, a Bloomberg news membership expenses £199 annually to access day-to-day news posts.

CryptoSlate x Access Protocol

CryptoSlate will be releasing a brand-new item for readers in the very first quarter of 2023, leveraging the Access Protocol platform. Users can start staking tokens today and will get access upon our brand-new item going live.

The desire to decrease the friction developed by tradition paywalls becomes part of the factor for CryptoSlate to incorporate Access Protocol for Edge members. With Access Protocol, users can lock ACS tokens in a CryptoSlate developer swimming pool and share in the earnings created by the staking mechanic.

The more tokens a user stakes to their selected developer, the greater the benefits, getting rid of the ‘give-and-take’ nature of standard memberships. Furthermore, CryptoSlate can straight reward advocates with airdrops, unique token-gated occasions, and far more.

Access Protocol contract addresses

During the AMA, the Access Protocol group pointed out that they had actually had problems with bad stars trying to rip-off users throughout the airdrop. The authorities contract addresses for Access Protocol are as follows:

  • Deployment contract: 6HW8dXjtiTGkD4jzXs7igdFmZExPpmwUrRN5195xGup
  • ACS token contract: 5MAYDfq5yxtudAhtfyuMBuHZjgAbaS9tbEyEQYAhDS5y

To connect with Access Protocol, users need ACS tokens which can be staked through Coin Gecko users who transformed CoinGecko Candies into ACS tokens would get an airdrop on Feb. 15 if they finished the needed actions prior to Jan. 31.

The future of the protocol

In the coming weeks, Access Protocol will get the following updates:

  • Deployment of our independent developer platform, Access > Scribe
  • Details on multi-chain rollouts on Starknet and Polygon
  • Additional publication and developer functions for the Access Application

Access Protocol’s CEO, Mika Honkasalo, was a visitor on the SlateCast just recently — in which he laid out the vision of the platform and the distinction in between a standard membership and an Access Protocol staking swimming pool.

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